Step1. ST資料上傳

StormTracker CSV檔案(請上傳相對應ID之ST檔案)*:

Ex: no_2072_20200718_0820.csv



Storm tracker AIQC 線上自動資料校驗系統,是由文化大學蘇世顥老師團隊(EWaC)、臺灣大學林博雄老師團隊(COOK)與臺灣大學郭鴻基老師團隊(DM Lab.)所共同合作發展。 本線上系統透過文化大學劉清煌老師團隊(SS Lab.)所運行之大氣水文資料庫(DBAR)對學界提供服務。 所產製之資料僅作爲學術研究使用,過程中所收集之資訊一切依照科技部大氣水文資料庫之資料使用規範管理。 若對於資料使用有任何問題,歡迎直接與蘇世顥老師聯繫取得進一步的資訊。

The AIQC online data quality calibration system for Storm tracker was jointly developed by Dr. Shih-Hao Su's Laboratory of Extreme Weather and Climate (EWaC) at Chinese Cultural University (PCCU), Dr. Po-Hsiung Lin's Laboratory of instrumentation and measurement (a.k.a. COOK team) at National Taiwan University (NTU) and Dr. Hung-Chi Kuo's Dynamics and Modeling Laboratory (DM Lab.) at NTU. We provided the online services through the Data Bank for Atmospheric & Hydrologic Research (DBAR) by Dr. Ching-Hwang Liu's Laboratory of Severe Storm (SS Lab.) at PCCU. All the produced data are only used for academic research and following the standard data management rules of DBAR. If you have any questions about data usage, don't hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Su for further information.